Holding Drunk Drivers Accountable For Accidents

The drivers of car accidents caused by their own intoxication have problems even beyond the criminal charges and consequences they face. Additionally, victims or their passengers may sue the driver for damages.

This generally begins with the insurance claim. Two of the most common circumstances include:

  • Insufficient insurance coverage by the drunk driver: The other individual involved in the crash may sue the drunk driver to recover the additional resources to cover incurred medical and repair bills.
  • Denial by the insurance company: Often, either insurance company will attempt to deny coverage because the driver was intoxicated at the time of the accident. This generally depends on the level of intoxication of the driver. The legal blood alcohol content limit in West Virginia is .08. Greater intoxication can result in diminished insurance coverage.

How We Can Help

At New, Taylor & Associates, our attorneys fully commit to assisting drivers and families that have been involved in car accidents caused by drunk drivers. These accidents can be devastating, caused by another’s irresponsibility and poor judgment, leaving you and your family changed forever.

Our lawyers have the skill and experience to put together a case against the responsible driver to hold him or her accountable for the pain you are experiencing. We are highly knowledgeable on the ways to reach a successful outcome, and our lawyers will carry the legal burden through this process to allow you the space to recover and heal.

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