Holding Employers Accountable For Discrimination

Discrimination can take on many different forms in the workplace, including age, race and gender discrimination. If an employer treats an employee negatively and differently from other employees based on a protected status, the employee can take legal steps to correct the situation.

Fighting Discrimination in The Workplace

At New, Taylor & Associates, our experienced attorneys advocate for employees who are facing unfair and negative circumstances at work because of their status, including gender, age and race. There are laws to protect these factors, and they can influence the employee’s treatment in pay, benefits, promotions, time off, classification and general treatment. As our client, you will always direct your case. We provide each client the answers and information needed to make the best possible decision for themselves, particularly whether to settle the case early or take it to trial.


It is illegal for employers or companies to treat employees differently based on their sex. As long as the individual is physically able to perform the task, the employer must give him or her the same consideration for responsibilities, promotions and career development. If he or she is being passed over for these opportunities or being treated negatively and differently as a result of gender, there are steps that can be taken to hold the employer accountable.


Age discrimination is common in the workplace, with frequent examples existing on both ends of the spectrum. A younger person may not receive a promotion he or she is qualified for and otherwise would have received. An older person may feel like he or she is being phased out with duties, territories and responsibilities being shifted to younger counterparts. If these circumstances are based on the age of the employee, discrimination is occurring.


Race and ethnicity must not factor into how an employer treats the employee. Our attorneys have the proper skills to identify instances where the discrimination has occurred and showing trends where that employer treated individuals of different ethnicity poorly because of their race.

New, Taylor & Associates will thoroughly review the circumstances of your claim. Your attorney will provide an honest and clear understanding of where and how your employer violated your rights. If there are grounds for legal action, we will prepare a case on your behalf, substantiating your claim against your employer.

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