Beckley Hit-And-Run Accident Attorney

In the state of West Virginia, the driver’s uninsured motorist coverage almost always covers a hit-and-run accident. To make a UIM claim on this policy, there must be clear and substantial physical damage that an investigating officer sees when visiting the scene of the accident. You must also have the testimony of a disinterested witness.

Bluefield Car Accident Lawyer — When the Other Driver Has Left the Scene of An Accident

This can be a highly complicated process that frustrates many injured drivers who already feel overwhelmed. At New, Taylor & Associates, we guide clients through the process to a successful claim.

Our firm is highly skilled at assembling evidence and accounts of how accidents occurred — even when it seems that a driver or crucial pieces of evidence are missing. We employ all available resources to track down the driver, as well as any evidence that will solidify the case.

We will also track down any witnesses who were there at the time of the accident and who could provide valuable information and accounts. This can complicate the process, as the witness must be uninvolved and disinterested in either party. He or she must swear to the account under oath.

Our attorneys work with a carefully selected network of top professionals and experts to put together an account of how the accident occurred. Through skilled reconstruction, we will show fault and liability.

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