Even Minor Rear-End Accidents Have Consequences

Fault in rear-end collisions is often clear: it almost always belongs to the person who crashes into the other. Even when fault has been clearly established, however, it is important to have representation on your side, advocating on your behalf with the insurance companies. These companies often try to fight drivers on the degree of fault, and thus affecting the amount of damages victims receive.

Attorneys Protecting Your Interests Following a Car Crash

Rear-end accidents often result in more subtle injuries, such as whiplash and alignment issues. These injuries may not be evident immediately following the accident, which can complicate the claim. The driver may need to fight the insurance company because of the nature of the injury.

At New, Taylor & Associates, we represent the interests of individuals who experience rear-end collisions and are struggling to recover the compensation and benefits they are entitled to.

Early investigation is vital. As soon as we take the case, we will immediately begin reconstructing the accident. We work closely with professionals and experts to ensure that they perform the investigation correctly, and that the validity of your injury is substantiated. We put together a case that is thorough, complete and lets the insurance company know you are ready to fight the case. Often through this, an advantageous settlement can be reached.

We are also skilled in handling the various insurance policies and coverage that our clients might carry, piecing together the compensation they need to cover medical and repair bills.

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss the accident and what you are entitled to with a Beckley rear-end collision lawyer, please contact our West Virginia law firm today at 304-362-7345 or toll free at 800-208-9169.

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