Beckley Religious Discrimination Attorney

It is illegal for an employer or company to discriminate against a worker because of his or her religious beliefs or statements. This includes both private and public employers. If you have been demoted, terminated or simply mistreated as a result of your religious beliefs or practices, you have rights and there are legal steps that can be taken.

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It can be difficult to prove these cases. An employer may try to cast down on the discrimination claim by saying that the negative action was taken for a legitimate reason, such as the employee’s performance or violating company policy. It is important that you have skilled representation identifying where this discrimination occurs and creating thorough documentation of these instances. The success of the claim hinges on the details.

At the Law Office of Stephen P. New, we understand the nuances and intricacies of employment law. We will carefully evaluate your work situation and provide knowledgeable and skilled guidance and direction through the process of filing a religious discrimination claim.

No matter what faith you hold, you are entitled to equal employment rights. The state of West Virginia is predominately a protestant state, and this can make it difficult for individuals of different faiths and religions. We are committed to protecting your employment rights and ensuring that you are provided an equitable and fair work environment.

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