No One Should Have to Put Up with Sexual Harassment

Laws entitle employees to a workplace free of sexual advances or offensive behavior, where they can focus on their work and performing their jobs without suggestive jokes or advances. The law protects employees from a wide range of discriminatory behaviors and environments.

Fighting Sexual and Workplace Harassment

Sexual harassment may be overt. A manager or employer may ask for sex or favors in exchange for advancement, benefits or even the employee’s job. This explicit type of harassment, or quid pro quo, is often the form that jumps to mind when one thinks of sexual harassment.

It is not uncommon, though, for other forms of sexual harassment to go unidentified and allowed to persist, causing discomfort with employees. This can include distasteful jokes, comments or suggestive discussions that can offend employees, both those toward which the comments are directed and those who must listen to them. It is up to management to ensure the end of these conversations, avoiding a hostile or offensive work environment for any of the employees.

Sexual harassment is most often thought of as a male manager pressuring a female employee. Harassment can involve a wide range of circumstances, though, including women harassing men, harassment between members of the same gender, and coworkers or even employees harassing employers or managers. It is also not just relegated to the typical work environment. Sexual harassment can occur in schools and universities, both between students and between students and teachers.

If you feel that you are being pressured at work or school, creating a hostile work environment, there are steps that you can take. At New, Taylor & Associates in Beckley, WV, our attorneys are committed to advocating on behalf of these individuals, working to bring about a safe environment in which they can work and thrive.

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