Workers Have the Right to Report Companies for Illegal Behavior

When a company goes down an unethical path as an organization, it becomes the responsibility of the employees to report the illegal behavior. Laws protect the employee for taking this step. It is illegal for a company to treat that employee negatively because he or she took action and reported the illegal activity. This can include anything from discrimination and mistreatment to demotion and termination.

Protecting You from Backlash and Harassment

At New, Taylor & Associates in Beckley, our workplace discrimination attorneys are highly knowledgeable of these situations and prepared to take the necessary steps to protect your rights. Many times companies are careful about covering their steps when retaliating against a whistleblower, masking the disciplinary action as legitimate or for poor performance.

Our lawyers identify retaliation and put together the documentation needed to prove it occurred. We will work to create a detailed and thorough account of how the reporting occurred, including a complete timeline using emails, documents and other evidence. We know what to uncover and document for a successful case.

The decision to report illegal or unethical behavior within your company can be overwhelming, intimidating and difficult. It is the right decision, however, and can save you and your family from severe consequences with the government. After making this decision, know that we will be there to protect your rights and offer guidance past any discrimination or intimidation tactics by your company.

Free Consultation To Discuss Your Case

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